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CORE; Programme area: environment; ID: 203119



Project title: Superior bio-friendly systems for enhanced wood durability




Project Promoter: Poznan University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Wood Technology


Polish partners: Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Chemistry


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, Wood Technology Section


Project cost (EUR): 915 228


Grant amount (EUR): 915 228

Duration: 44 months






Project summary:

The main overall objective of the project is concentrating on the contribution of wood durability to sustainability through the development of systems for quality assurance and performance classification of eco-friendly treated wood as alternative to wood treated with traditional preservatives and coatings.
The objective of the project is to investigate experimentally, under laboratory conditions, the effect of non-biocidal, eco-friendly novel substances introduced into model protection treatment systems on the modification of selected properties of wood for outdoor and indoor applications. The analyses will be conducted on systems, to which in place of conventional biocidal substances, it will be proposed to apply alternative compounds from the group of silanes, alkaloids, imidazoles, natural oils and propolis or their mixtures.
It should be emphasized that the disposal of wooden elements of buildings, structures or interior design will be more eco-friendly than the disposal of concrete or plastic elements. Furthermore, good, durable and at the same time eco-friendly solutions of modern wood preservation will encourage architects, designers and engineers to use this environmentally friendly raw material more extensively, as a construction material for wooden, green, passive buildings, to provide it with esthetic forms (the use of wood in outdoor architectural forms), to manufacture interior design elements from wood
and wood biomass (furniture production), etc.
Most products of wood architecture found in Europe are actually produced in Poland. It is estimated that approx. ¾ of the total weight of wood outdoor architecture products offered in all European retail chains with garden assortment departments come from Poland. Good impregnation of these products, providing effective protection, has economic, environmental/ecological and social aspects.


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