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Small Grant Scheme; Level: post-doc; Discipline: architecture and urban planning; ID: 210775



Project title: Application of 3D virtual city models in urban analyses of tall buildings  


Acronym: 2TaLL


Project Promoter: West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture


Project cost (EUR): 97 457


Grant amount (EUR): 97 457

Duration: 30 months






Project summary:

Determining the location of tall buildings is an important and actual issue of contemporary spatial development planning in numerous European cities. In many instances, negative consequences of an inappropriate location of a tall building result from inability to foresee its spatial impact. The project examines possibilities and limitations of application of virtual models of cities (3D) to provide advanced computer urban analyses in this area. The project aims to develop computer methods of urban simulations of tall buildings impact on city landscape including protection of city panoramas and historically originated urban interiors. The project is focused on introduction of guidelines for 3D Urban Analysis Systems (3D-UAS) for simulation of visual impact of tall buildings, possible for application in spatial planning process. The project contain surveys on computer simulations methods, optimization of 3D virtual city models and on-site verification analysis on example of several European cities. The project is addressed to researchers, local governments and companies focused on urban planning and development to enrich their knowledge and qualifications.


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