1st competition for innovations in the gas sector


The call for proposals will open on 19 February in the first competition of INGA programme - Innovative Gas Industry.

INGA is the result of cooperation initiated by GAZ-SYSTEM, PGNiG and NCBR in December 2016. The aim of the programme is to increase the innovation and competitiveness of the Polish gas sector. The total budget of the program amounts to PLN 400 million.

The last two years confirm the stable growth of the Polish economy. We undertake numerous activities to maintain this favourable trend. This is evident from the example of gas industry, where apart from important infrastructure investments, significant expenditures are earmarked for R&D. Thanks to them, gas industry stands a chance for even more dynamic development - says Jarosław Gowin, Vice President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Consortia made of enterprises and science units, or exclusively of science units, may apply for R&D grants. The programme budget totals PLN 400 million. The best proposals for the implementation of innovative projects from the following areas may count for funding:

  • hydrocarbon exploration, extraction and production of gaseous fuels
  • obtaining methane from coal seams
  • materials for the construction and operation of gas networks
  • gas networks
  • use, marketing and new applications of LNG and CNG
  • hydrogen technologies and gas fuels
  • technologies used in co-operation with clients
  • environmental protection.

The biggest innovation on the Polish gas market in recent years has been the launch of President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście. The terminal operates, with 25 ships arrived to date, delivering over 5 million m3 of LNG. We hope that thanks to INGA programme, as well as the construction of the Baltic Pipe, we will participate in further innovative ventures. I am glad that we could support this initiative together with such respected Partners. I am convinced that just like the Terminal opened our gas market to the Baltic Sea, INGA will open it to new technologies. We thus subscribe to the current direction of building Poland's position as a country that focuses on technological development – said GAZ-SYSTEM Vice-President Artur Zawartko.

The formula of a joint venture, whereby we join forces with GAZ-SYSTEM and PGNiG for a more effective support of R&D industrial projects provides an opportunity for breakthrough ideas for the industry. We count on the fact that the support we offer under INGA will allow for the implementation of the best, most prospective projects. We also hope that it will be a sign for the entire sector that it is worth investing in innovation – emphasises NCBR Director Prof. Maciej Chorowski.

I am convinced that INGA will involve many scientists and entrepreneurs in the development of the energy sector, which is crucial for the Polish economy. Improving the efficiency and competitiveness of our industry through increased innovation and creating new technologies will only be possible through long-term co-operation between business and academia. We hope that the unique formula of activity offered by INGA will also get SMEs on board - PGNiG SA Vice President for Development underscores.

Applications under INGA can be submitted by 20 April (by 16:00). The winners of the first call for proposals will become known in the second half of the year at the earliest.

More information about the competition is available on NCBR website.