No. Call Project promoter Project title Grant amount (EUR)
1. Core Maritime University of Szczecin, Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering GReen And Sustainable freight transport Systems in cities 843 986
2. Core University of Szczecin Climate forcing factors for marine environmental change during the mid and late Holocene - a link between the eastern Atlantic and the Baltic Sea 964 777
3. Core University of Szczecin\Faculty of Geosciences Application of in situ observations, high frequency radars, and ocean color, to study suspended matter, particulate carbon, and dissolved organic carbon fluxes in coastal waters of the Barents Sea 941 141
4. Sgs West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Application of 3D virtual city models in urban analyses of tall buildings 97 457
5. CCS West Pomeranian University of Technology, Post-Combustion CO2 Capture on New Solid Sorbents and Application in a Moving Bed Reactor 1 942 805