STAKO Sp. z o.o. as a participant of the “Hydrogen Storage” project of the National Centre for Research and Development, pursuant to Article 28(1) of the contract, invites to submit offers for a non-exclusive and chargeable licence, to be granted by STAKO, to use the outcome of R&D works concerning the compressed hydrogen storage tank with a service pressure of 700 bar to be installed in vehicles.

Hydrogen tank system design Is based on the type IV composite tank for the compressed hydrogen with a service pressure of 700 bar. The composite tank, as a key element of the storage system, placed on a light aluminium bracket, the element that enables easy installation of the tank in a vehicle as well as constituting the basis for the installation of the equipment providing hydrogen tank filling and the equipment for the production of compressed hydrogen in the form of usable gas for the fuel cells in order to produce electricity, the power source for vehicle drives. The tank is designed in the form of a module, a set of devices forming one element.