Call announcement



Call information, forms and guidelines referred to in this announcement are available on the NCBR webpage: Objective of the ProgrammeThe objective the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme is enhanced research-based knowledge development in Poland through enhanced research cooperation between Poland and Norway. The cooperation is to be based on equal partnerships between Norwegian and Polish research institutions, with the leading role of the latter. Mechanisms implemented to intensify this cooperation include the mobility component, allowing the Polish and Norwegian project partners to take advantage of research expertise of the other partner.2. Thematic areaProject proposal should address the following areas of interest concerning Carbon Capture and Storage processes:

  • Storage pilots
  • New innovative solutions for CO2 capture
  • New knowledge that facilitates large-scale CO2 storage
  • Environmental impact
  • Enhancing public and political awareness of CCS.

More detailed description of the call area is presented in the document ‘Polish-Norwegian Research Programme – CCS 2013 Call - description of the call area’.

3. Types of entities eligible for funding

research organisations as defined in the Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (2006/C 323/01).

4. Project Promoter and Principal Investigator

Projects have to be submitted by consortia comprising at least one Polish and one Norwegian entity.

For each proposal, the project partners designate a ‘Project Promoter’ (PP) which has the formal administrative responsibility for the project, and has to submit the proposal on their behalf. The Project Promoter may only be a Polish entity eligible according to the call.

The Project Promoter designates the Principal Investigator coming from one of the Polish institutions constituting project consortium, who is the researcher having the scientific lead of the project on a daily basis.

The Project Promoter is responsible for signing the partnership agreement with the project partners. The partnership agreement should be in English and should be submitted to the Programme Operator before the signing of the project contract with the NCBR. The Programme Operator verifies if the agreement complies with art 6.8 of the Regulation.

5. The budget of the CCS Call

The total allocation earmarked for the CCS Call is EUR 10 541 176, which will be devoted for the co-financing of projects within the call area indicated in the first point of this announcement. In the CCS call both applied research and basic research projects will be eligible for financing.
The minimum project financing in this area is EUR 150 000 and the maximum EUR 10 000 000. The foreseen duration of projects is up to 3 years.

6. The amount of co-financing

Grants from the programme may be up to 100% of total eligible project costs, provided all applicable national and EU rules on State Aid are complied with. The remaining costs of the project shall be provided or obtained by the Project Promoter and the project partners, according to their respective shares of the project budget.

The budgetary allocation to partners should reflect the actual contribution made by each party and should be the subject of negotiation between the Project Promoter and the project partner. It is expected that the eligible costs claimed by the Norwegian entities participating in the project shall normally not exceed 40% of the total eligible costs of the project (Programme agreement Annex II p. 1.3).

7. Eligible expenditures

a)  Direct cost:

  • Personnel costs
  • Travel costs
  • Equipment
  • Purchase of land and real estate
  • Consumables and supplies
  • Other costs

b)  Indirect cost (overheads)

The description of the categories of costs listed above can be found in ‘Guide for applicants – CCS 2013 Call’.
The first and final dates of eligibility of each project will be stated in the project contract for that project.
Expenditures incurred after 30 April 2017 shall not be eligible.

8. Preparatory costs

The Programme foresees the possibility to apply for the reimbursement of the project proposal’s preparatory costs for both the Project Promoter and Norwegian and Polish partners. These are the costs related to the search for partners prior to or during the preparation of a project application, the development of such partnerships and preparation of an application for a partnership project proposal.
Project Promoters will apply for the reimbursement of such costs while applying for a project to be funded under the CCS Call. The lump sum of EUR 5,000 will be reimbursed in the case of proposals recommended for funding. The lump sum of EUR 2,500 will be reimbursed for proposals that have not been selected for funding but have received a score above a certain threshold (number of points received in the evaluation procedure). This threshold is to be approved by the Programme Committee.

9. The currency used for the project proposal’s budget and the settlement of costs in the project implementation

The currency used for completing the Project Budget, payments from the Programme Operator and settlements between the Project Promoter and Project Partner(s) will be the Polish zloty (PLN). The European Central Bank’s exchange rate from the date of the call launch will be used for calculating all cost related to the project application and implementation.

10. Evaluation process and selection criteria

Evaluation consists of formal and content-related appraisal. Only the proposals that meet the formal criteria will be subject to content-related evaluation.

The formal appraisal is carried out by Programme Operator. The content-related evaluation is carried out by international experts and consists of 2 stages:

Individual assessment by experts
Consensus assessment by experts.

The proposal can receive a total number of 25 points in the evaluation procedure. To be recommended for funding, the proposal must receive at least 15 points and pass all the thresholds according to the values presented in the table below.

Criteria Thresholds Weight
1. Coherence with the call topic YES Precondition
2. Scientific and/or technical excellence 3/5 x3
3. Quality and efficiency of the implementation and management 3/5  x1
4. Impact of the project 3/5  x1

The final ranking list and recommendation of the proposals for funding is the task of the Programme Committee. The Director of the National Centre for Research and Development issues funding decisions for the proposals recommended for financing by the Programme Committee.

More detailed information on evaluation procedure is presented in the document ‘Peer Review Guidelines – CCS 2013 Call’.

11. Payment system

Payments towards Project Promoters are in the form of advance payments, interim payments on an annual basis, and a payment of the final balance. The purpose of the advance payment and annual interim payments is to ensure that the project partners have a positive cash flow during the project implementation.

Payments to the Project Promoter are made according to the time schedule of the project implementation included in the contract signed with the NCBR. The rate of the advanced payment is set out in the project contract. Subsequent payments will be made only after the Programme Operator verifies that 70% of any previous payment has been incurred by the Project Promoter, and within 15 days after the Programme’s Operator approval of reports and deliverables.

The Project Promoter should ensure that all appropriate payments to the project partners are made without delay, no later than 15 days after the receipt of the payment from the Programme Operator.

12. Submission of proposals

The application procedure consists of one mandatory stage, that is PROPOSAL APPLICATION.
Proposals are submitted electronically in English to the on-line submission system -
Proposals have to be submitted no later than 16:00 (CET) before the relevant submission deadline.
Among the applicants in a proposed partnership, only the Project Promoter (identified by user id and password) is authorised to submit a proposal.
The proposals submitted via the on-line submission system are entered into databases after the call closure. The Programme Operator has no access to the proposal until the call deadline has passed.
Versions of proposals sent on paper, removable electronic storage medium (e.g. CD-ROM, diskette), by email or by fax will not be regarded as having been received by the Programme Operator.
If more than one copy of the same proposal is received, only the most recent eligible version is evaluated.
Detailed instructions for applicants on how to complete and submit the application form are available in ‘Guide for applicants – CCS 2013 Call’.

13. Duration of the CCS 2013 Call

The on-line submission system will be available for applicants as of 13 September 2013.
The deadline for submission of proposals is 15 November 2013.

14. Call documents

‘Polish-Norwegian Research Programme – CCS 2013 Call - description of the call area’ (click here to download)
‘Guide for applicants – CCS 2013 Call’ (click here to download)
‘Peer Review Guidelines – CCS 2013 Call’ (click here to download)
Annex 1 -  ‘Project Proposal Form’ (click here to download)
Annex 2 -  ‘Work Packages (WPs) and tasks’ (click here to download)
Annex 3 -  ‘CVs of Principal Investigator and work packages leaders’ (click here to download)
Annex 4 -  ‘Time Schedule and Payment Schedule of the project (PLN)’ (click here to download)
Annex 5 -  ‘The Detailed Project Budget (PLN)’ (click here to download)
Annex 6 -  ‘The Project Promoter’s Signature’ (click here to download)
Template of the project contract/grant agreement (click here to download).

15. Legal acts

Regulation on the implementation of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014 (click here to download)
Annex 12 to the above Regulation – Rules for the establishment and implementation of donor partnership programmes falling under the Programme Areas “Research within priority sectors” and “Bilateral Research Cooperation” (click here to download).

16. Question and queries to the Programme Operator

For additional information, contact (working days, from 8.15 am to 4.15 pm CET):

Anna Fastyn – office: +48 22 39 07 324
Hanna Sroczyńska – office: +48 22 39 07 123
Maciej Jędrzejek – office: +48 22 39 07 160

The following e-mail address should be used when contacting the NCBR on the matters concerning the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme: