Project contract – POLNOR and POLNOR CCS

Please find enclosed the templates of: a project contract and documents necessary for signing of a project contract. The Project Promoter that is responsible for the implementation of the project in line with the project contract signs the project contract on behalf of the consortium.

Preparation of the project contract will take place via the LSI system. The documents will be verified by the Programme Operator.

After providing information on the approval of the documents in the LSI system, the documents should be sent to the Program Operator in a paper form, signed by an authorized person representing the Project Promoter.

The project contract, together with the documents necessary to conclude the project contract, must be submitted within the time limit specified in the funding decision.

  1. Project contract template
  2. Project contract template (English translation)
  3. Declaration of capacity for the effective disbursement of public funds
  4. Information form submitted when applying for aid other than aid in agriculture or fisheries, de minimis aid or de minimis aid in agriculture or fisheries
  5. Information form submitted when applying for de minimis aid
  6. Declaration of obtaining the required consent, a positive assessment and/or permit (authorisation) of the relevant bioethical or ethical committee or the responsible body 
  7. Promissory note along with a promissory note agreement