ERA HDHL Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health

ERA-HDHL is the first ERA-NET Cofund of the JPI-HDHL. It aims to provide a robust platform for implementing Joint Funding Actions that address the research challenges that are identified and described in the Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Plans of JPI HDHL. ERA-HDHL objectives are also to improve coordination and reduce the overlap between national and EU funding in relevant fields of research, achieve a critical mass and ensure better use of limited resources in fields of mutual interests.

The first Joint Funding Activity of ERA-HDHL was to support research in the field of Biomarkers of Nutrition and Health cofunded with the European Commission. Its aim is to fund multidisciplinary transnational research consortia that will use innovative and scientific approaches to increase knowledge on the development and validation of biomarkers for nutrition and health and create a transnational network of researchers collaborating in these fields. This first transnational call opened on February 2016.

Additional activities of the ERA-HDHL will be based on the Implementation Plans of the JPI HDHL to fulfill the JPI HDHL objectives. ERA-HDHL runs for a period of five years from February 2016 to January 2021.

More information about partners and recent calls can be found here: 


Programme coordinator in NCBR:

Karolina Janczykowska
Department of International Cooperation
Tel.: +48 515 061 554

ERA-HDHL Coordinator:

BATOUX Martine
French National Research Agency, ANR