One of the instruments of Horizon Europe will be partnerships of European countries and the European Commission which through joint funding for research and innovation in key areas for the European Union are to contribute to a joint effort to meet global challenges. Under the new framework programme, the European Commission has proposed harmonising the method of financing and organising partnerships.

Horizon Europe introduces a strategic, coherent and impact-driven approach to European partnerships. Partnerships are expected to make a significant contribution to EU priorities and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals. Partnerships are created on the basis of the common Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda so as to develop synergies with other EU and Member States programmes.

Instead of existing programs (including ERA-NET, JPI) that operated under Horizon 2020 and previous framework programmes, Horizon Europe will see the creation of three types of partnerships:

  • Co-programmed European Partnerships
  • Co-funded European Partnerships using a program co-fund action
  • Institutionalized European Partnership

More information can be found on the EC website: 

The role of the National Centre for Research and Development will be to coordinate Poland's participation in these partnerships, and particularly in international calls for proposals for research projects, as well as financing Polish entities applying for funds under these calls.