Purpose of the project:

The main objective of the CORNET (Collective Research Networking) international initiative is to promote close cooperation between national / regional stakeholders (ministries and agencies) and to provide an opportunity to set up transnational collective research with national/regional funding.

Collective research is R&D performed for the benefit of a broad target group of enterprises, especially of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Collective research is typically initiated by groupings of enterprises with common interests, such as associations, chambers of commerce or clusters. It is frequently carried out by specialised research organisations which work on behalf of a particular industrial sector.

The objectives of collective research are pre-competitive and often pre-normative, related for example to the development and preparation of (technical) norms and standards. Collective research may also involve the search for improved processes or materials of wide application in an industry. Collective research results are actively promoted and disseminated across the sector for exploitation.

The program is addressed to:

trade associations that bring together SMEs (e.g. chambers of commerce, clusters, etc.) with legal personality and office established in the territory of the Republic of Poland (as defined in Art. 37, paragraph 1 point 8 of the Act dated 30 April 2010 on the National Centre for Research and Development).

Apart from trade associations, a research performer also takes part in CORNET international project.

Funding conditions:

The subject of the funding are the costs of tasks carried out by the polish participants (trade association and research performer) in the international research project.

The maximum level of funding granted to the association is:

up to 100% funding subsidy for RTO
up to 85% funding subsidy for association

Additional information about CORNET Initiative can be found on international website:



Dominika Mickiewicz 

tel.:+48 22 39 07 139