EUREKA photonics call 2019

PFirst joint EUREKA / Photonics21 Mirror Group Call for R&D&I project proposals addressing Photonics for advanced manufacturing

Interested parties are invited to submit R&D&I project proposals addressing photonics for advanced manufacturing. Advanced (industrial) manufacturing is commonly defined as the use and/or integration of innovative technologies – here: photonics – in order to improve both products and processes. Proposals for R&D&I projects sought to be funded under this call should therefore:

  1. address at least one of the technologies and one of the industries mentioned below;
  2. focus on photonic technologies and their integration in specific manufacturing processes and/or products;
  3. demonstrate the potential to significantly improve the related processes and/or products.

Photonic technologies to be investigated particularly include (but are not limited to):

  • Laser machining, additive manufacturing, selective laser sintering, photonic curing, optical process control / process analytical technology (PAT), 3D optical sensing and imaging incl. spectral and hyperspectral imaging, millimeter wave imaging and lidar, lithography (photo-, stereo-, laser-based).

Industry sectors addressed particularly include (but are not limited to):

  • Electronic and computer components, electro-mechanical engineering, transportation and automotive manufacturing including for sport competition, aviation/aerospace, material, chemical and pharma- ceutical industry, food control industries, safety and quality engineering and manufacturing technologies.
  • The participating funding bodies consider that proposals resulting in total implementation costs of between EUR 0.75 and 2 million would allow this area to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requiring higher or lower amounts.
  • Consortia composed of partners from the participating countries and regions are invited to present joint proposals for R&D&I projects until 25 July 2019 according to the rules and procedures described in the call.

EUREKA photonics call 2019

25. July 2019

For further information, please visit EUREKA or contact:


For Photonics 21 (partner search, advice on national funding rules and writing proposals):
Swissphotonics NTN
Dr. Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics NTN
+41 79 219 90 51

For Innosuisse (eligibility, funding synchronization):
Claire Dové
+41 58 466 79 51

National EUREKA contact (for questions about EUREKA):
Irina Slosar
+43 5 7755 4901


National EUREKA contact (for questions about EUREKA):
DLR Project Management Agency
Juliane Kuttenkeuler
+49 228 3821 1335

The National Technological Innovation Authority - ISERD
Uzi Bar Sade

National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR)
Andrzej Wajs
Project Coordinator
Department for International Cooperation
+48 22 39 07 499

United Kingdom
Innovate UK Customer Support
Georgios Papadakis
Innovation Lead for Electronics, Sensors and Photonics

Further contacts: Eureka Call Contact List (11 KB)

26. March 2019, Beni Muller + Iris Bollinger