Eurostars is a joint initiative between EUREKA and the European Commission specifically dedicated to R&D performing SMEs.


The objective of the Eurostars Programme is to bring increased value to the economy, higher growth and more job opportunities by supporting the R&D-performing SME. The programme supports market-oriented R & D projects with partners from at least two member countries. The Eurostars Programme specifically enables R&D-performing SMEs to improve performance through its support of ‘in-house’ research; it also enables companies to develop closer working relationships with the European research community.


Eurostars takes a ‘bottom-up' approach to project generation. Projects can address any technological area and should be aimed at the development of a new product, process or service. The leaders of Eurostars projects are growth-seeking SMEs that invest at least 10 percent of turnover or human resources to R&D. Companies are responsible for at least 50 percent of the project costs. The maximum project duration is three years and results are expected to enter markets in two years after the project is completed.


Projects that apply to the Eurostars Programme are evaluated by an independent international panel of experts and is ranked both in terms of technological innovation and market potential.


NCBR is the Polish coordinator of  Eurostars Programme. NCBR funds Polish project participants annually with 3 000 000 EUR.



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