Project title: Utilization of CRT waste glass in the glass tiles manufacturing process - developing technological parameters

Acronym: CRT Tile

Project Promoter: Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials

Polish partners: -

Norwegian Partners: Stiftinga Vestlandsforsking / Western Norway Research Institute (WNRI)

Project cost (EUR): 618 752

Grant amount (EUR): 618 752

Duration: 38 months




Project summary:

The primary objective of this application is to undertake effective actions aimed at environment protection through developing the assumptions for technology of a new product, with value in use, produced from waste CRT glass. The implementation of the study may reduce the quantity of this waste fraction in the nearest future to considerable extent. Promotion of results of this study should give a fresh impulse to its implementation.
The purpose of the examinations is developing a new product - glass tiles manufactured exclusively from waste raw material. The research purpose of this project is developing such engineering process parameters to obtain a new product having physical and chemical parameters similar to ceramic tiles parameters.
We shall use in the method of this project realization the experiences of our executive team gathered in selecting the conditions for glass material milling and controlling this process flow with the use of laser diffraction method. The examination of engineering process parameters shall be made in pilot-plant scale, on experimental line of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, Department of Decoration Agents. The qualitative examinations of developed product shall be performed with the use of methods provided by the European Standards.