GEKON Programme – Generator of Ecological Concepts

GEKON aims at financing projects covering execution of R&D activities, experimental development and implementation of innovative pro-ecological technologies in the following areas:



  1. Environmental aspects of search and gas exploitation from non-conventional sources; 
  2. Energy efficiency and energy storing;
  3. Protection and rational use of water; 
  4. Clean energy;
  5. Novel technologies for production of fuels, energy and materials from waste and recycled waste.


Indicative budget for projects selected in the first GEKON Call:



  1. R&D phase – 200 M PLN;
  2. Implementation phase – 200 M PLN (this allocation is earmarked for all GEKON calls for proposals)


Submission only by use of OSF electronic system: between 01 March 2013 – 14 March 2013 (till 24.00)

Detailed information on GEKON Programme and call documents are available on websites:,,