Hydrogen storage - new NCBR programme related to the fuel of the future


An executive agency of the Minister of Science and Higher Education begins the implementation of the hydrogen storage programme. Its purpose is to develop an innovative mobile hydrogen container for use with fuel cells.

- Improving air quality is one of the priorities of our government. Implementing clean technologies is a recipe for fighting not only against smog, but also an opportunity for the development of Polish enterprises and increasing their competitiveness in the global market - says Jarosław Gowin, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Research and development on hydrogen storage methods and its application to fuel cells is an opportunity for a new stage in the development of environment-friendly technologies. Although we still have to wait for their final result, today it is already known that solutions developed can be used, among others, in emission-free modes of transport, as mobile sources of electric power, or in technologies used for storing electric energy from RES.

- NCBR hydrogen storage programme is our next initiative aimed at developing and implementing innovative, clean technologies which, thanks to their widespread use, will significantly improve the quality of life of Poles - said NCBR Director Prof. Maciej Chorowski.

The new NCBR programme will be implemented until 2021, and its planned budget is over PLN 30 million. Similarly to the two newly launched NCBR programmes of the new type, it is run in the problem-driven research model, whereby the key is to find a solution to a specific problem that is a barrier to the development of current solutions.

The first stage of the programme implementation is the Technical Dialogue. Its purpose is to provide NCBR with information that will help clarify programme conditions, including requirements for applications and their evaluation criteria. NCBR invites both entities who would like to deal with the development of new technology as well as those that could apply it.

Detailed conditions for participation in the Technical Dialogue are available on NCBR website

Hydrogen storage programme is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Sub-Measure 4.1.3 Innovative Research Management Methods of the 2014-2020 Operational Programme Smart Growth, under "Raising the level of innovation in the economy through the implementation of a new financing model for breakthrough research projects".